Saturday, 28 May 2011

I've often thought of my brain as a filing cabinet in a black void...

sometimes thoughts pile up and spill over the top becoming lost forever. Other times they appear safe but with a rustle and shift, they slip through a gap in the bottom and I never see them again. 

This is a place where I hope to gain inspiration, give it... and file away (in a second location) all the things that make up an inquisitive mind. 


So, not so easy to just set up a bog hey? Here I am thinking, yep... gonna be great. I can make a pretty picture for my background, choose some nice colours and off I go!

Four hours later... when I'm still figuring out the 'settings'

Should connect through Twitter? 
Who's going to read this if I publish on facebook? 
Am I going to get 4,000 sms' from various social networking sites if I click 'yes'  to alerts?

... my brain is about ready to explode!

I mentioned this to my mum, describing it as a "web of chaos in my brain" who then (with only the slightest infusion of sarcasm present in her tone) stopped and went "they do call the internet 'the web' for a reason darling."

Yes, yes mum... they do. Thanks. 

And don't get me wrong, it is great. Being able to keep in touch with friends I'd otherwise not see, getting the weather via text before I've even looked out the window, being on top of the latest updates rolling out of Twitter when a major story breaks... the advances in technology over the last few years are just mind blowing!

However (in the hopes of being called 'retro' and not technologically impaired) I will admit that a tiny, minuscule part of my brain misses 1994. When the most difficult thing I had to comprehend was the stop/play/rewind/fast forward functions on a Walkman. 

It was all so simple back then.  

But nevertheless here I am, finally... so in the spirit of the Internet and all it's offerings I now declare this blog officially 'online' :D XxxXXxx


  1. I'm signed up... You've now been added to my mindblowingly advanced, didn't exist a few years ago, get on top of the latest rolling updates Google Reader account.

    Going back even beyond 1994 (I kinda miss it too - but that may be because I was a kid and Mum did all the tricky stuff for me...) I often wonder how I'd have gone 100 years ago. It would have been so peaceful... I would have time to read! I would also be totally useless, since my entire job revolves around a screen that hasn't been invented yet :P

  2. I don't even know what a Google-rolling-watchit is? :P